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Property already protected

Are you considering or have purchased a property covered by the Integri-T guarantee?

Your vendor has made the right decision to use the Integr-T program to protect you from possible hidden defects.

This unique and exclusive RE/MAX guarantee provides you with financial protection in case of discovery of such defects.

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The sellers guarantee Integri-T

  1. Your GUARANTEED property will attract more buyers quickly.

  2. Your buyer will offer you a fair price, given such protection.

  3. Your buyer will want to benefit from $40,000 worth of protection.

  4. You will benefit from a considerable reduction in your financial obligations in the event of a latent defect.
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The buyers guarantee Integri-T

  1. To benefit from financial security in the event of a claim for a latent defect.

  2. To avoid court proceedings and save legal fees and associated court costs.

  3. To get peace of mind in buying a property.
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Integri-T Coverage

The buyer is protected in the event of latent defects, up to a maximum of $40,000, for a period of 3 years following the deed of purchase.

In the event of a claim for a latent defect, buyers are covered by the guarantee, up to a maximum of $40,000, for a period of 3 years, following the deed of purchase.

Coverage examples:

  • Roof, attic, insulation
  • Building envelope
  • Foundation, wall
  • Interior and exterior finishes, sub-floor
  • Doors and windows
  • Electricity, plumbing, heating, ventilation
  • Water seepage, mould, premature wear and tear of materials
  • Heat pump

You can consult the guarantee document for details and exclusions by contacting customer service.

A unique guarantee that protects you if latent defects are discovered


For any questions regarding the Integri-T plan, you can write to info@integri-t.ca or call


Good news! If a buyer subscribes to the Integri-T guarantee and the seller is represented by a RE/MAX broker, the seller’s financial liability will be limited to the first $5,000 and the buyer will be covered for an amount up to $40,000. 

Less than five business days. That’s the time it takes for customer service to open, analyze and approve the file. 

NO. To be valid, Integri-T guarantee must be activated before the notarial deed is signed, both for buyers and sellers. 

All properties can be protected by Integri-T provided they meet the eligibility criteria. Inspection reports allow us to identify if certain elements should be excluded from the guarantee since they have been made visible by an inspector. Once the issues are raised, they can no longer be invoked as hidden. 

YES. Conciliation service is offered, regardless of the amount of the claim, to buyers and sellers who have signed up for the Integri-T guarantee.

Commercial buildings, buildings sold without legal warranty and buildings newer than five years old. 

NO! But rather than selling without a legal warranty, offer your clients the option to sell with a limited legal warranty at the end of the Integri-T three-year guarantee. It’s a great way to sell at the right price and attract the highest number of buyers possible! 

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RE/MAX in partnership with

ACQ Résidentiel, program partner RE/MAX

RE/MAX Québec has partnered with ACQ Résidentiel to offer the Intégri-T guarantee program.

ACQ Résidentiel has been administering guarantee plans for nearly 30 years. ACQ Résidentiel specializes in building quality control, risk management and conciliation services.

Visit their website to see their full range of products and services: www.acqresidentiel.ca.

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