Co-ownership professionals

A network of brokers qualified in the sale, purchase and rental of divided and undivided co-ownerships throughout Quebec.

The Coproprié-T program

The Coproprié-T program is offered in partnership with the founder and president of, Me Yves Joli-Cœur, a leading authority in the field of co-ownership law in Quebec.

This program offers our co-ownership professionals workshops, video capsules and podcasts as well as fact sheets and other practical tools to allow them to continually update their knowledge.

In order to properly support customers in this particular market, a welcome kit is available for them including a lot of practical information.

Our Affiliated Brokers Coproprié-T

The co-ownership market is evolving rapidly and the rules that apply to it are numerous.

At RE/MAX, we want to ensure that our brokers remain qualified professionals and this is why we have developed an exclusive training program that allows them to maintain high standards of quality of service during their transactions involving divided or undivided co-ownerships.

New co-ownerships on the market

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