Advice for sellers

10 smart tips for selling your property

You've made the decision to put your property up for sale. Now, what can you do to ensure that it finds a buyer quickly, and at the desired price? Here are a few tips to help you sell your property.

Repair and complete the work

A well-maintained home will inspire confidence in potential buyers.

Incomplete work may not be obvious to you, but it could be to visitors! Uninstalled mouldings, holes in the wall, visible cracks, a door handle that doesn't open properly, a squeaky front door, a half-painted wall, etc. 

De-clutter and depersonalize

Visitors must be able to imagine themselves living in your home in order to feel like owning it. To do this, remove photos, children's drawings and anything else that is too personal. Try to recreate the neutral setting of a hotel room or a model home in a neighborhood under construction. 

Also, keep the surfaces clear, tidy up your storage and put away excess furniture. The atmosphere should be uncluttered!V

Keeping the house clean

In the same vein, the cleanliness of each room is essential for each visit. Especially in the kitchen and bathroom: surfaces, floors, bathtubs and countertops must be shiny!

Even things that will not remain in the house after the purchase must be well presented so as not to detract from the overall look.

Tidy up the cupboards

You benefit from tidying up the closets: potential buyers are looking for ample and convenient storage space.

Ventilate or turn on the air exchanger

Our homes give off a unique odor that is difficult for us to perceive because we live in them. The scent of the occupants, the smell of cooking food, etc..

The ideal is to air out before each visit, either by using the air exchanger or by opening the windows. You can also light a candle with a subtle scent during visits, which is often appreciated.

Keeping pets away

It is best to remove all traces of pets (litter, chewed toys, etc.) from the house being sold.

In fact, during visits, walk the dog or have your pets watched. It's a question of allergy, smell, but also sometimes fear. Remember that you want to charm all visitors, not just pet lovers.

Maximize the first look

You won't get a second chance to make a good first impression! If your home's exterior looks neglected, visitors will notice. Perhaps they'll even worry about its maintenance over the years.

Is the paint on the garage door peeling? Is there weed between the concrete slabs? Toys and bikes lying around? Fix it and clean it up before pictures are taken and visits are made. Also, in winter, don't forget to clear the snow, especially the stairs leading to the front door. 

Making all the rooms look good

While special attention should be paid to the look of the kitchen and bathroom (two important rooms for future buyers), other rooms should also look good.

Even the ones that you don't think are important, like the attic, the storage room and the garage. Tidy up as much as you can and add lighting so that you don't look like you're hiding anything in these spaces.

Set the mood

Make your property warmer and brighter with the right lighting.

For example, evening visits are best served by having all light sources turned on, whether it's ceiling lights, floor lamps or main lights. Also, make sure that no televisions or speakers are heard. Silence is the key!

Keeping a low profile

Your RE/MAX broker is the one who will guide the visit, answer questions and highlight the advantages of the property. As for you, you can leave the house or move outside.

The important thing is to be discreet and not to talk unnecessarily. Be patient if you have any questions!

Set a realistic price

The value of your property is not random: it is set according to supply and demand as well as the study of comparables sold on the market. Moreover, the municipal evaluation is not to be taken into consideration in determining the price.

A price that is too high could be detrimental to you, while a price that is too low could be detrimental to you. Your broker is qualified to advise you on market value.

Because of his experience, your RE/MAX broker can guide you in staging your home to appeal to buyers. He or she can also help you avoid the stress of visits and legal paperwork. He is also proactive in finding future buyers for your property.

Have a great transaction!

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