The RE/MAX Hot Air Balloon

Firms wishing to make a good corporate impression usually get a logo, a symbol, a signature, in short, they develop a distinctive calling card.

With its red, white and blue hot air balloon, RE/MAX does all three. Easily identifiable, the balloon carries the RE/MAX colours aloft, speaking "highly" of the company's unrelenting ascent.

To its brokers, it stands for freedom, ambition and independence. To the public -- the thousands of potential clients -- it stands for professionalism, experience and satisfaction.

Whether it's in the skies over Montreal or Quebec, during a convention of the international fleet of RE/MAX balloons, or over St-Jean-sur-Richelieu during annual hot air balloon festivals, it is always fascinating to watch these graceful flying machines in action.

A fleet of hot air balloons dancing overhead, spreading the RE/MAX message far and wide, is a truly unforgettable sight!

Reserved for use in institutional advertising, the RE/MAX hot air balloon, skillfully piloted by Mario Bilodeau and Benoît Tarte, takes part in some one hundred promotional activities a year in Quebec.

The RE/MAX balloon is not an abstract symbol: it is buoyed by reality. Watching it soar overhead with such assurance, there is little doubt that it carries the RE/MAX network high "Above the Crowd", to greater heights.

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