Why Sign a Brokerage Contract to Purchase With a Real Estate Broker?

Buying Real Estate: Why It’s so Important to Partner with a Broker 

Finding your dream home is not a task to be taken lightly! Thanks to their experience and knowledge, a real estate broker can be of considerable assistance with your search. Plus, working with this professional comes with so many more benefits!

They Offer Smart Advice

Because they are professionally trained in real estate brokerage, your broker can give personalized advice based on your needs. They can guide you through the entire process, step by step, as well as take care of any aspects you are unfamiliar with.

They Have a Thorough Knowledge of the Available Housing Stock

A broker is continually being notified about new houses added to listing sites. Better yet, they sometimes learn about a house up for sale before it has been posted online, which means you can be first through the door. With a broker, you’ll always be in the know!

While you are itemizing your criteria, they will already be compiling a mental list of several houses for sale that might suit. Your broker will also, of course, conduct an exhaustive search and take you around to visit all the properties that might interest you.

They Have a Large Network

When you work with a broker, you have access to their wide network of real estate contacts. Whether it be qualified notaries, respected financial advisors or reputable building inspectors, they will share all their contacts as needed. 

They Take Charge of the Viewings

Scheduling visits to houses you might want to consider may seem like a simple task. And yet, this takes a lot of time and planning! You can cross this job of your list when you work with a broker.

It will likewise be your broker who will highlight both the property’s positive and negative points during the viewing. As this isn’t their first time looking at properties, they know how to provide effective guidance!

They Negotiate the Best Price

It’s easy to get confused during the price negotiation process. If you’ve set your heart on a particular property, how much should you offer the sellers? How should you respond to a counteroffer on their part? Your broker will be by your side to evaluate the situation and advise you when making decisions.

They Are Familiar With Legal Procedures

Purchase offers and counteroffers are legal documents with real legal value. Signing a promise to purchase is a commitment to acquire the property: it is a biding contract! Which is why a knowledgeable broker’s presence can be so reassuring.

They Are Comfortable Asking Questions

Your inexperience in real estate may lead you to lose sight of certain important points. A broker seeks answers to questions that warrant your attention, and leaves nothing to chance.

They Provide Protection

Buyers who sign a brokerage contract benefit from the protections granted under Real Estate Brokerage Act. In fact, since June 10, 2022, amendments to this act have come into effect which guarantee even more protection to buyers during a transaction.

With RE/MAX, you will equally be covered by the Tranquilli-T Program, giving you to access to free legal assistance in the event of a dispute, among other advantages.

They Can Provide Comprehensive Support

Did you know that without a brokerage contract, a broker cannot offer you their full services? With this legal document, they can focus 100% on your best interest, without having to be impartial. For example:

  • They can provide strategic advice about what price to offer the sellers.
  • They are allowed to solicit homeowners whose house is not on the market in your name, giving you more properties to choose from.
  • They can submit a promise to purchase as well as negotiate the price and terms in your name.
  • They have a duty to protect your personal and strategic information.

Buying a house is a major investment and some people decide not to sign brokerage contract with a real estate broker. And yet, a broker is an invaluable ally! 

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