RE/MAX History

The RE/MAX name is synonymous with excellence in real estate. Experience backed by comprehensive training characterizes RE/MAX brokers and enables them to provide clients with a clearly superior level of service.

Une marque mondiale

Founded in March of 1973 by Dave and Gail Liniger in Denver (Colorado), RE/MAX (short for Real Estate MAXimum) is a network of independent, self-employed franchisees operating in nearly 110 countries with over 140,000 brokers.

The spectacular growth of the RE/MAX network is owed to a revolutionary, logical and powerful concept that profoundly impacted the real estate industry and changed how real estate business was conducted. Several companies have since imitated the RE/MAX lead. RE/MAX groups together highly skilled brokers for whom real estate is the top priority. For them, excellence says it all.

In 1978, the company adopted its official balloon logo, a remarkable trademark symbolic of the phenomenal ascension of RE/MAX in real estate circles. To learn more about the history of the balloon and its meaning, please visit our "The RE/MAX Hot Air Balloon" page.

Un réseau québécois

Introduced in Québec in 1981 by Pierre Titley, President of RE/MAX Québec Inc., RE/MAX has expanded at lightning speed ever since the first agency opened in May 1982. Of the many corporate success stories in Québec, the almost instant success of the RE/MAX banner in the real estate industry is by far the most spectacular.

Today, our agencies are spread out across the province bringing together the brokers with the best tools to sell your home faster and at a better price than rival brokers. The result? The RE/MAX network's market share surpasses the competition by far reaching a 40% average in Québec.

As a primary partner of the "Opération Enfant Soleil" telethon since the first year of its telethon, RE/MAX has committed nearly 20.5 million dollars to the plight of sick children. For RE/MAX, "Opération Enfant Soleil" is more than just a fundraising campaign, it is network involvement in a worthy humanitarian cause.

Here are some events which marked RE/MAX's rise to success in Quebec and around the world:

The history of RE/MAX Quebec


  • The RE/MAX banner arrives in Quebec and signs its first franchise.


  • In May 1982, a first group of brokers makes its debut under the RE/MAX banner.


  • RE/MAX brands itself with its new hot air balloon logo symbolizing freedom, independence and ambition for its brokers.


  • The network and its Quebec agencies join the sick children cause by creating a partnership with "Opération Enfant Soleil". A winning partnership for everyone.


  • RE/MAX Quebec and its tax specialists bring in the "Home Buyer's Plan" (HBP) which revolutionized the practice.


  • The remax-quebec.com website is launched.


  • RE/MAX founded the "Collège d'enseignement en immobilier" (C.E.I.), which opened its doors in Montreal.


  • Never seen before at a philanthropic level: the network crosses the one million dollar mark given to a charity organization to help sick children.


  • The RE/MAX Explorer, powered by Google Earth is launched.


  • A very special year, the RE/MAX network celebrates its 25th anniversary!


  • RE/MAX establishes a record by receiving over a million unique visitors on its website during the month of March, maintaining the gap between its closest competitors with twice as many visitors each month.
  • RE/MAX launches a new tool on its website for virtual tours: The video tours.
  • RE/MAX introduces "Cash Damming", a program allowing a tax rebate for every self-employed worker with a mortgage.
  • RE/MAX innovates and launches "Bienvenue chez nous", the very first short programs in Quebec.
  • For the "Opération Enfant Soleil's" 20th anniversary, the RE/MAX network gives 1.2 million dollars during the telethon.


  • RE/MAX launches "Tranquilli-T", an exclusive protection program for buyers and sellers, unique to RE/MAX.
  • RE/MAX ranks 26th out of the 150 most admired enterprises by Quebec residents, ahead of all its competitors!
  • RE/MAX gives 1.25 million dollars during the "Opération Enfant Soleil" telethon.


  • RE/MAX celebrates its 30th anniversary.
  • RE/MAX launches its iPhone and iPad app.
  • Once again, RE/MAX brokers feel the love from the general public and ranks 24th among Quebec's 150 most admired companies.


  • RE/MAX brokers are proud to have partnered with "Opération Enfant Soleil" for 25 years! They have donated over $18 million for sick children since the beginning.
  • All properties listed on remax-quebec.com are also available on global.remax.com... International visibility for Quebec-based clients!


  • RE/MAX brokers surpass the 20 million dollar mark in donations to "Opération Enfant Soleil".
  • RE/MAX joins forces with a new spokesperson—successful comedian André Sauvé.


  • RE/MAX launches a new program called Integri-T, which allows buyers and sellers to protect themselves in the event of a hidden defect.


  • RE/MAX launches the RE/MAX Au Sommet online continuous training platform for brokers.
  • RE/MAX offers its brokers a brand new 12-day training program called RE/MAX Ascension, in partnership with the Commission scolaire des Affluents.
  • A brand new marketing campaign is launched with the slogan "We take care of everything".


  • MAX the teddy bear joins the RE/MAX network. This cuddly, plush bear brings joy to the little ones, while contributing to the Opération Enfant Soleil cause.


  • RE/MAX Québec launches its RE/MAX commercial program in addition to its recognition for RE/MAX commercial affiliated brokers.
  • RE/MAX innovates and launches its KEY program, offering many discounts to clients of RE/MAX brokers.
  • After 32 years of association with Opération Enfant Soleil, RE/MAX donates $1.2 million to the organization for an impressive total of more than $25 million.
  • Following a major study on its brand image, RE/MAX offers its brokers an innovative tool—The RE/MAX Experience—which enables clients to follow every step of their transaction and fully understand the role of their broker at each stage.
  • RE/MAX welcomes a new member to its family—its mascot MAX!


  • RE/MAX launches a brand new blog under the brand name MON COIN de vie. This state-of-the-art real estate content site brings together all the tips, advice and tricks from RE/MAX brokers, for sellers, buyers, homeowners and readers who are curious to learn more.

RE/MAX, LLC (International) Timeline

RE/MAX, LLC currently boasts over 100 000 brokers in nearly 7,000 agencies in nearly 100 countries.


  • RE/MAX International is founded by Dave Liniger in Denver, Colorado


  • RE/MAX published its first edition of the quarterly journal "RE/MAX Times", now published in more than 15 languages.


  • RE/MAX International partners up with the "Children's Miracle Network" that assists sick children.


  • RE/MAX International launches "RSN", the RE/MAX Satellite Network, a satellite television network broadcasting informative programs and conferences, as well as continuing education.


  • RE/MAX International launches its first website


  • RE/MAX International partners up with the "Breast Cancer Foundation" as well as "The Wildlife Experience", an institution aiming to preserve animals and their environment in an educational context.


  • RE/MAX International bundles all the different training elements it offers to create RE/MAX University offering training online, and on DVD, CD, iPod, and "RSN", its television network.


  • RE/MAX International rolls out tech innovations. The firm redesigns its website's home page and develops mobile platforms for its brokers.


  • The RE/MAX Commercial website is launched to develop this very lucrative real estate branch.


  • RE/MAX International celebrates its 40th anniversary and seeks to gather over 10,000 brokers from around the world during its International Convention in February.
  • RE/MAX International broadens its horizons and develops the Chinese market.


  • RE/MAX International refreshes its brand with new logos, including an all-new, sleeker balloon that is still a symbol of real estate excellence.

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