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Planning a move: all our tips

When moving, there are many things to think about. So much so, that it can be easy to get lost. Organization is definitely the key! For a successful move, follow these tips.

Choosing a moving date

The timing of your move can be influenced by a number of factors. For example, the desired possession of your home by the buyers, the end of your lease or the beginning of the school year.

July 1st is far from being the only time to move! In fact, it's best to avoid it. Since many Quebecers change homes at this time, renting a moving truck can be expensive, as can hiring a moving company.

Renting a warehouse: it's practical!

Is there a delay between the date you have to leave your current home and the date you move in? This is not a catastrophe! Simply rent a mini storage space to leave your furniture and personal items until your new home is ready. You can also stay with relatives or rent a hotel room.

When a seller is disadvantaged in this way, it is possible to negotiate a compensation amount at the time of closing.

Booking the truck or moving company

To save money, many people rent a moving truck and ask their friends to help them on the big day. If you choose this option, it is best to contact different companies to find the best price. Book several weeks in advance, especially in the summer!

Others will choose to deal with a moving company instead. Costs vary depending on the distance between the two houses and the number of items to be moved from one place to another.

In both cases, don't forget to contact your insurance company to insure your belongings during transportation.

Sell, donate or throw away

If you've been living in the same place for a long time, chances are you've accumulated a lot of items, some of which are useless. There's no point in moving them out and letting them collect dust!

A few weeks before the big day, do a thorough cleaning. Get rid of anything that no longer fits, such as clothes that are too small, sports equipment, broken furniture, etc. Before you throw away, consider selling or donating!

The Art of Boxing

  • Moving pros know that the way you pack can completely change the experience. For a smooth move:
  • Have the right tools on hand: sturdy boxes, newspaper, packing tape, marker pen, etc.
  • Pack similar items together.
  • Provide double protection for items that may spill: dishwashing liquid bottle, soap, etc.
  • Identify boxes (name of room or items).
  • Use towels and blankets to protect fragile items.
  • Several days in advance, pack anything that will not be useful in the short term (Christmas decorations, out-of-season clothing, etc.).
  • Empty the drawers of the furniture before moving it.
  • Double bottom boxes that contain heavy items.
  • Fill boxes as much as possible so they don't get crushed when stacked.
  • Leave clothes on hangers and cover them with a clear bag.
  • Before packing your important documents, take photos in case they get lost during the move: passports, insurance, wills, etc.

Pack a tote bag

On moving day, remember not to pack everything into boxes. Pack essentials for your comfort and that of your family members. For example, snacks, a change of clothes or warmer clothes, utensils in case you eat on the run, water bottles or cleaning wipes.

You'll also want to have your cleaning supplies on hand (unpacked) to clean the rooms when you arrive (before you drop off your belongings). Or a toolbox to remove doors for large furniture or to install shelves.

Change of address

Did you know that you can ask Canada Post to forward your mail to your new address for a few weeks? How convenient! Also, it is possible to do all your address changes in one place with Moving Waldo. Don't forget to make sure all levels of government are informed!

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