Why Choose a Real Estate Broker to Sell Your House, Condo or Other Property?

Selling your home: why is it important to be accompanied by a real estate broker?

Whether or not you are in a hurry to sell your home, a real estate broker will make your life easier by taking charge of all the steps. He will certainly allow you to sleep on your two ears! Do you know what a broker can do for you?

It takes care of the visibility of your house

Posting your property on the Internet is not a guarantee of success. Few properties sell in the blink of an eye without a broker! To attract many buyers, the photos must be attractive, the description complete and the information sheet detailed. A broker is used to the listing process and knows exactly how to do it.

He can also post your property on real estate sites that you do not have access to, such as Centris or MLS. This increases your visibility!

He is proactive in finding potential buyers

Answering calls from interested parties is far from being his only task. He follows up after the visits, he also uses his network of contacts to talk about your property and help it find a buyer.

If your home experiences a price drop, he is also the one who can contact all the previous visitors who did not make an offer to see if they have a new interest. In short, he is always on the go!

It is an essential element for many buyers

For fear of making a legal mistake or getting bogged down in procedures, many buyers choose to entrust the search for their dream home to a broker. This gives them a sense of confidence.

This information is important to know if you are a seller, since by selling your house alone, you risk having few visits. In fact, brokers prefer to deal with other brokers in order to offer a professional service to their clients. 

It takes care of the management of the visits

What to say during a visit? How to present the house? The broker knows all this! He is at ease in all stages of the visit and can answer all the questions of the potential buyers and their broker. Meanwhile, you can enjoy your free time!

Bonus: the broker can financially qualify the buyers before the visits, thus avoiding wasting time.

He negotiates the best price for you

At RE/MAX, an appraiser can guide you in determining the value of your property. Also, by analyzing "comparables", that is, homes recently sold that are similar to yours, the broker can target a fair selling price.

And when an offer to purchase or a counter-offer comes in, he can guide you in your choice to refuse, accept or negotiate.

He knows the legal forms

There are many documents to fill out throughout the sales process, from the seller's declaration to the counter-offers. The real estate broker is immersed in these legal procedures every day and knows how to complete the documents efficiently.

They can also help you establish exclusions and inclusions, as well as the terms of the contract in a conditional sale.

It can make you feel secure with Tranquilli-T

Signing a contract with a RE/MAX broker is reassuring because of the Tranquilli-T program to which you have access. For example, you can benefit from legal assistance and protection in the event of the withdrawal or death of your buyers. 

To help you sell your home without stress or hassle, a real estate broker is definitely the professional you need!

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