Why Choose a Real Estate Broker to Sell Your House, Condo or Other Property?

Selling Real Estate: Why It’s so Important to Partner with a Broker 

Whether you’re in a hurry to sell your property or not, a real estate broker will make your life a whole lot easier by taking charge of the entire process. It’s the best way to guarantee your peace of mind! Are you aware of everything they can do for you?

They Will Ensure Your Home Gets Maximum Exposure

Posting your property online doesn’t necessarily lead to success. Very few properties sell quickly without a broker! To attract a good number of buyers, the photos must be appealing, the description complete and the information sheet detailed. A broker is familiar with the sale process and knows exactly how to proceed.

They can equally list your property on dedicated real estate sites which you can’t access such as Centris or MLS. This means increased visibility!

They Proactively Search for Potential Buyers

A broker doesn’t only answer calls from interested buyers. They follow up on visits as well as utilizing their network of contacts to get the word out about your property and to help find a taker.

If your home’s price has gone down, they can also recontact previous visitors who did not submit an offer to see if this might renew their interest. In short, they don’t twiddle their thumbs!

Many Homebuyers Rely on a Broker

Many homebuyers choose to hire a broker to find their dream home because they are nervous about committing a legal error or of getting bogged down by the process. Doing so helps them feel more secure.

This is important to know if you are a seller since by selling your house alone, there is a chance that you will be missing out on visits. In fact, brokers prefer to deal with other brokers to provide a professional service to their clients. 

They Take Charge of the Viewings

What should you say during a visit? How should you present the house? A real estate broker knows! They are familiar with every part of the viewing process and can answer all the potential buyers’ or their brokers’ questions. So, while your broker is busy working for you, you can enjoy your free time!

As a bonus, a broker can screen buyers to ensure they qualify financially before visits and so not waste time. 

They Negotiate to Get You the Best Price

With RE/MAX, an appraiser can assist you in determining your property’s value. Moreover, by analyzing “comparables”—i.e., residences similar to yours that have sold recently—the broker can set a fair sale price.

And when an offer or counteroffer is submitted, they can offer advice while you decide whether you should decline, accept, or negotiate.

They Understand the Legal Forms

The sale’s process involves signing a long list of documents, at every step, from the Declarations by the seller to the counteroffers. A real estate broker deals with these legal requirements every day and knows how to efficiently fill out each form.

They can also help you establish what to exclude and include as well as a conditional sale agreement’s terms. 

They Can Offer You Security with Tranquilli-T

Signing a contract with a RE/MAX broker is reassuring thanks to the Tranquilli-T Program. Access to this program means you can, for example, receive free legal assistance and protection should your buyers withdraw from the transaction or pass away.

To help you sell your house stress and hassle free, a real estate broker is without a doubt the professional you need by your side!

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