Peace of mind assured!

Tranquillit-T Coverage

Without a doubt, the purchase or sale of a property is an important event in your life. At RE/MAX, we are aware of this and that is why we want to offer you solutions to the various pitfalls that can unfortunately arise.

This is also why we offer you the Tranquilli-T program, a protection offered exclusively by RE/MAX brokers who participate in it to protect their clients. This program has 4 components: 

  • Delay and withdrawal 
  • Death
  • Legal assistance
  • Small claims. 

With such a complete protection, the Tranquilli-T program is synonymous with peace of mind!

Eligibility Requirements

The program covers residential real estate transactions made through a participating RE/MAX broker in the province of Quebec. Some properties and types of transaction are not eligible for the program.

A certificate of protection will be sent to you as soon as all the conditions of the promise to purchase have been fulfilled, with the exception of the signing of the deed of sale.

This protection is offered to you at no extra charge.

The content of this site does not constitute a contract. Changes may have been made to the protections described on this site. You should refer to the certificate and wording of the coverage for the terms of this program.

For any additional information, contact GPL assurance inc. at 1-844-435-9002 or at the following email address: To file a claim, contact the Tranquilli-T Assistance Center at 1-844-REMAXTT (1-844-736-2988).


For any questions regarding the Tranquillit-T plan, you can email us at or call 1-844-736-2988

You must be an eligible client and your property or the property you are interested in must also be eligible for the program. See the eligibility and exclusion list below for more information.


  • A principal residence with 5 units or less
  • A secondary residence that can be occupied year-roundA condominium
  • A mobile home permanently attached to foundations, with title deed or cadastral designation and subject to property taxes
  • A residence located on a land of not more than 40 acres
  • A hobby farm located on a land not exceeding 100 acres
  • Property with a sale price of up to $5,000,000


  • Newly constructed home
  • Land
  • Abandoned property
  • Foreclosure property, except for the buyer 


  • Individual, group of individuals or a succession
  • Customers of or accompagnied by RE/MAX real estate brokers participating in the RE/MAX Tranquilli-T program


  • A company or corporation
  • Real estate developer

The service is available Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm, excluding statutory holidays in Quebec.

All calls will be handled by a lawyer who is a member of the Barreau du Quebec specializing in real estate transactions.

The service will provide legal information and answers to questions related to the real estate transaction and subsequent ownership of the property. For example, questions related to property boundaries issues or a latent defect.

During the coverage period, you can make unlimited calls to the service.

As part of the Telephone Legal Information Service, you and/or your spouse will have up to three (3) hours of legal information support services for litigation that falls under the scope of the Small Claims Court resulting from the real estate transaction and subsequent occupation of the property.

No. Lawyers are not permitted to represent you before the Small Claims Court. You must selfrepresent in Small Claims Court.

This service is restricted to only legal questions that can be asked and reasonably answered by telephone. The service will guide you through the legal process, including preparation of a formal notice and can provide you with the necessary templates of various documents required in preparation for Small Claims Court.

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