Securi-T covers your mortgage payments in case you lose your job.

RE/MAX, its real estate brokers and its partners :

  • Desjardins mortgage financing services;
  • Bank of Montreal;
  • National Bank of Canada;
offer you Securi-T, an exclusive protection program in case of loss of employment.

Go ahead with your transaction without worrying about losing your job, which would place your mortgage payments at risk!


The Securi-T program covers both the principal and interest of your mortgage payments!
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As a RE/MAX client, you automatically qualify for the Securi-T program, subject to certain conditions.
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We answer your questions about the Securi-T program.
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For any additional information, contact GPL assurance inc., the insurance broker of this program, at 1-833-551-9798. To file a claim, contact the Sécuri-T help centre at 1-833-736-2978, Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. – 8 p.m., Eastern Standard Time.