RE/MAX PLATINE real estate agency


Located on the South Shore, RE/MAX Platine has been well known at this address for more than 20 years.

Our team includes more than 200 experienced brokers with good reputation.

Thanks to RE/MAX Platine’s own continuing education program, our real estate brokers are highly qualified to meet your needs and provide you with unparalleled service. Their professionalism, integrity and leadership guarantee you a positive experience in your real estate processes which can be complex and confusing.


RE/MAX Platine serves one of Quebec’s most active and prestigious real estate areas. Located on Montreal’s South Shore, between the Champlain and Mercier bridges, this territory covers a significant area along the river. It offers incredible diversity in the choice of residential properties as well as a wide range of industrial and commercial properties. This huge territory, already in full swing in real estate, continues to grow. This is the guarantee of a safe investment in the short, medium and long term. Our real estate brokers also work in all the cities of the South Shore of Montreal.

"There is no need to entrust the sale of your property to another agency, as there is a good chance that it will be sold by a PLATINE broker"

Agency administration

André-Jean Suta Co-franchisee
Loubna Makraji Co-franchisee
Executive officer
Louise Felton Director
Francine Boucher Operations director and HR

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