Measures in force

Real estate brokers are available to accompany you in full compliance with the measures in force

April 20, 2021

Dear clients,

In spite of the constraints generated by COVID-19, our real estate brokers are at your entire disposal to accompany you with the realization of your real estate dreams.

In accordance with government requirements, property visits must respect the curfew restrictions applicable in your region. Click here to consult the alert levels map.

With an established protocol and proven contamination prevention procedures in place since last spring, brokers are providing a safe environment for their clients. Both in their client relations—through the increased use of technological tools—and during property visits—through a number of health measures. They are committed to reducing the risk of coronavirus transmission. In practice, they ensure that the 2-metre distance is maintained, that masks are worn at all times, that visits are prepared in advance by opening doors and lights ahead of time, that hands are washed and that surfaces are disinfected following a visit. In short, everything is done to protect their clients' health.

Don't hesitate to contact your RE/MAX broker for any questions about the transaction process during the coronavirus pandemic. Your broker will be happy to answer your questions!

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