You want to buy a property without worrying about the consequences of latent (hidden) defects? The Integri-T guarantee is the solution.

What is the Integri-T plan?

The Integri-T plan is a guarantee offered to buyers who want peace of mind in case of latent defects when buying a new property. This unique guarantee, exclusive to RE/MAX, gives you financial protection in the event of a claim.

If latent defects are discovered, the Conciliation Department handles the claims and makes it possible for the parties to avoid court proceedings, saving you legal fees, insurance adjuster's fees and time.

With Integri-T, you benefit from considerable advantages!

An authorized inspector carries out a pre-purchase inspection in order to qualify the building. You will receive a report for evaluation purposes.

A fast, free conciliation service is offered to you in case of a claim for a latent defect.

The building is guaranteed against latent defects for 2 years, up to a maximum of $40,000.

The guarantee is issued by a reputable organization and gives the buyer peace of mind in the event of a latent defect.

Why choose the Integri-T guarantee plan?

  1. To benefit from financial security in the event of a claim for a latent defect.
  2. To avoid court proceedings and save legal fees and associated court costs.
  3. To get peace of mind in buying a property.

Details of the guarantee - BUYERS


A buyer who purchases a building through a RE/MAX broker can benefit from the Integri-T guarantee plan.

Eligible residential buildings:

  • ✓ Single-family properties
  • ✓ 2-5-unit plexes
  • ✓ Condos – Private portions only


  • ✕ New residential buildings covered by a warranty plan (less than 5 years old)
  • ✕ Commercial buildings
  • ✕ Mortgage foreclosures (repossessions)
  • ✕ Buildings on sale without a legal warranty


In the event of a claim for a latent defect, buyers are fully covered by the guarantee, up to a maximum of $40,000 for a period of 2 years following the deed of purchase.

Coverage examples

  • Roof, attic, insulation
  • Building envelope
  • Foundation, wall
  • Interior and exterior finishes, sub-floor
  • Doors and windows
  • Electricity, plumbing, heating, ventilation
  • Water seepage, mould, premature wear and tear of materials
  • Heat pump

Refer to the guarantee document for details and exclusions.

The information presented on our website is provided solely as an overview of the Integri-T guarantee. For the exact terms and full conditions, please refer to the actual wording of the guarantee.

Cost of the guarantee

The Integri-T guarantee plan is offered to buyers at minimal cost. You will have two (2) amounts to pay:*

  • An initial basic payment of $500 covering fees, travel expenses and the report of the authorized inspector who will come and inspect the property.
  • A second payment of a basic amount of $750 is payable when the guarantee certificate is issued, upon acceptance of the inspection.
  • *These amounts may be higher, depending on the selling price and the type of building. Contact your broker or Customer Service for the rate structure. Please note that rates are subject to change without notice.

To file a claim, the buyer must immediately call 1-800-956-7526 or send an email to Your claim will then be processed.

Upon receiving your claim, we will examine your file and a consultant will contact you as promptly as possible.

Once your file is opened, a conciliator is appointed—a member of the Ordre des technologues professionnels du Québec.

The conciliator has the responsibility of hearing the submissions of each party and conducting any investigations or inspections that he/she considers necessary to determine the admissibility of the claim and the nature of the work to be carried out. To do so, full access to the building must be granted to this conciliator.

For any questions regarding the Integri-T plan, you can write to or or call 1-844-787-3450.