Foreclosed Properties in Laval--Rive-Nord

Located north of Montréal, south of Lanaudière and the Laurentides, Laval has a population of over 420,000 inhabitants. Its diversified economy is based on a fair number of farming, landscaping, manufacturing and pharmaceutical companies along with a growing number of high-tech firms.

Laval residents enjoy a covetable quality of life. They pay close attention to the environment and value urban planning, which influences the development and the design of residential divisions. The regional natural environment conservation and improvement policy also works on preserving ponds, marshes and green areas.

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4900 Rue du Javelot,<br/>La Plaine
New on the market
25 Ch. du Tour,<br/>Sainte-Dorothée (Laval)
956 13e Avenue,<br/>Fabreville (Laval)
360 27e Avenue,<br/>Pointe-Calumet
260 8e Avenue,<br/>Sainte-Marthe-sur-le-Lac
192 40e Avenue,<br/>Pointe-Calumet
3950 Boul. Ste-Rose, app.5,<br/>Laval-Ouest
2730 Rue des Bourgeons,<br/>La Plaine
100 Boul. du Val-d'Ajol,<br/>Lorraine
8743 Rue Pierre-Boucher,<br/>Saint-François (Laval)