New condos or houses in Outaouais

Located in western Québec, north of the Ottawa River, and bounded by Ontario and Ottawa, the Outaouais region has a population of about 383,000 inhabitants.

This region is known for its diversity, its wooded sceneries, and its natural parks. Gatineau, the capital of the Outaouais region, benefits from a lively cultural and university life along with a peaceful forest at Gatineau Park, only a few minutes away from the excitement of the city.

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93 Rue du Faubourg,<br/>Aylmer (Lakeview)
76 Rue St-Pétersbourg,<br/>Aylmer
80 Rue St-Pétersbourg,<br/>Aylmer
24 Rue Irma-LeVasseur,<br/>Buckingham
28 Rue Irma-LeVasseur,<br/>Buckingham
538 Ch. de la Chute, app.A,<br/>Mansfield-et-Pontefract
3 Ch. Quero,<br/>Breckenridge
7 Ch. Quero,<br/>Breckenridge
8 Rue Non Disponible-Unavailable,<br/>Chelsea Est (Old Chelsea +)
12 Rue Non Disponible-Unavailable,<br/>Chelsea Est (Old Chelsea +)