New condos or houses in Mauricie

Midway between Montréal and Québec City, the Mauricie has a population of about 267,000 inhabitants.

The Saint-Maurice River, formerly used for floating logs, crosses the region from north to south. Trois-Rivières, the capital of the region, is located nearby the St. Lawrence River. This dynamic city benefits from a university, an attractive cultural life, and a lively downtown area with a rich heritage. Indeed, a sector of Old Trois-Rivières is listed among the Québec Cultural Heritage for its examples of New France architecture dating back to the 18th century.

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2000 Av. du Bocage,<br/>Shawinigan (Grand-Mère)
1990 Av. du Bocage,<br/>Shawinigan (Grand-Mère)
1980 Av. du Bocage,<br/>Shawinigan (Grand-Mère)
6964 Rue du Roussillon,<br/>Trois-Rivières-Ouest
1005 Rue de la Création,<br/>Trois-Rivières-Ouest
1974 Av. du Bocage,<br/>Shawinigan (Grand-Mère)
4857 Route 155,<br/>Trois-Rives
869 Rue Monique-Dupont,<br/>Trois-Rivières (Cap-de-la-Madeleine)
500 Rue des Écuyers,<br/>Trois-Rivières (Pointe-du-Lac)
510 Rue des Écuyers,<br/>Trois-Rivières (Pointe-du-Lac)