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Securi-T covers your mortgage payments in case you lose your job.


The Securi-T program covers both the principal and the interest of your mortgage payments, in the event of the loss of your main employment during the year following the real estate purchase*.

As a client purchasing a property in Québec with a RE/MAX broker, you qualify for the Securi-T program, subject to the following conditions:

  • You have had regular employment of thirty (30) or more hours of work a week with the same employer, or in the same field, for at least the past twelve (12) consecutive months;
  • You are taking out a mortgage with a mortgage representative—at one of the three following financial institutions—and assigned to your real estate broker's agency:
    • Desjardins mortgage financing services;
    • Bank of Montreal;
    • National Bank of Canada;
  • You are 65 years old or under;
  • You are not a legal entity, a corporation, a trust, an estate, a real estate developer or an incorporated business.

*Certain conditions apply.


Your new property qualifies for the program if it is located in Quebec and if it:

  • is a main single-family dwelling or a condominium;
  • is a plex with no more than (4) housing units (one (1) of which is occupied by the insured person);
  • is a second home that can be lived in all year long and is not used for business or commercial purposes;
  • is a hobby farm;
  • is a self-built home.

Please note that a property that will be rented, a new construction, a lot or a piece of land, a mobile home or a property used for agricultural or other business purposes is not eligible for the Securi-T program.


The Securi-T program covers the majority of clients who deal with a RE/MAX broker and who take out a mortgage loan or a Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) from one of RE/MAX's partner financial institutions.

Nevertheless, certain claims do not qualify, and in particular:

  1. The client has resigned from his/her main employment or was dismissed for just and sufficient cause;
  2. The client is not eligible for the Government of Canada's employment insurance benefits.

This coverage is offered to you, compliments of RE/MAX, its real estate brokers and its partners.

Changes may have been made to the coverage described on this website. You must refer to the certificate or to the terms (the wording) of your coverage in order to find out the conditions of this program. The contents of this site do not constitute a contract.

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