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Interested in Buying a Franchise?

One of the reasons why the RE/MAX network has achieved such success in Quebec is undoubtedly its innovative concept of franchises associated with the avant-garde philosophy that makes RE/MAX so unique.

In fact, a network of franchisees means a network of entrepreneurs - competent business men and women who are determined to succeed, since the success of their individual business and their own personal future depend on it.

The RE/MAX concept has attracted not only the best brokers but also the best franchisees. And one success attracts another, because the best want to be together as part of the same group.

These franchisees now hold an enviable place in both the real estate industry and the business world in general.

If you, too, have real estate experience, management skills and a strong will to succeed with real estate leaders in Quebec.

Phone us. We definitely have an outstanding business opportunity to offer you.