Attract more buyers and help your property stand out.

Think of the impact this will have on potential buyers!

Since the Integri-T Guarantee Plan against hidden defects will reassure buyers, your property will benefit from a distinctive market advantage and attract motivated buyers, which is of course what you want!

  • Your GUARANTEED property will attract serious buyers quicker
  • Potential buyers will trust in this guarantee and favour your property
  • Potential buyers will offer you a fair price
  • Your final buyer will benefit from coverage of up to $40,000
  • The inspection to confirm your eligibility will also enable you to make necessary repairs or improvements to your property, if needed

You will be issued a certificate confirming your registration to this program once your property has been inspected for eligibility. Your 12-month registration enables your agent to advertise your property as benefitting from said guarantee.

A better option than selling without any legal guarantee

If you’re considering selling your property without a legal guarantee and the resulting coverage in case of legal action, you should know that such a listing will generate 8% less revenue, according to a study conducted by research firm JLR Real Estate. This means $16,000 less for a $200,000 building. That’s a high price to pay to abstain from protection against legal action. The Integri-T Guarantee will help you worry less at a far lower price.

Through the Integri-T Guarantee, you’ll have another option than foregoing a legal guarantee to limit your obligations and avoid selling for less. Many buyers refuse to even consider properties listed without any legal guarantee, and those that do usually end up offering far less.

Protect yourself

You’ll decrease your seller obligation from $40,000 to $5,000, as the guarantee plan covers financial risks up to $35,000.

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