Reconciliation is a straightforward claim resolution process thatis respectful of your rights.


Should all processes to avoid a claim from your buyers fail, said claim will be submitted to the Integri-T Guarantee Plan’s reconciliation service, instead of the courts.

This alternative solution, to which buyers agree during the promise to purchase, will help the concerned parties avoid any legal and expert fees.

A technologist specializing in reconciliation will visit the property to listen to the seller and buyer, assess the alleged defects and manage the claim. Said claim will then be analysed, as it would in court. This protects the seller from a buyer that may be trying to exploit the situation.

The concerned parties will avoid finding themselves engaged in legal action without a favourable outcome. Except in very rare cases, reconciliations are decisive and conclude with a report, saving everyone time and money.


Buyers seeking to file a claim must immediately call 1 800 956-7526 or send an e-mail to Their claim will then be managed by the plan.

The claim will quickly be assigned to a reconciliation expert that is also a member of the Ordre des technologues professionnels du Québec.

The reconciliation expert’s mandate is to assess both parties’ testimonies, as well as conduct any investigation or inspection deemed necessary to determine the claim’s validity and the nature of any repairs required. To do so, said expert must be granted unrestricted access to the property.

A $200 fee will be charged to the buyer, to be refunded should the claim prove valid.

RE/MAX partnered with the Association de la Construction du Québec (ACQ) to offer the Integri-T Guarantee Plan. Their guarantee division has been managing plans since 1994, with a total of over 300,000 plans as of 2016. Garantie Habitation specializes in building quality control, risk management and reconciliation.

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