Integri-T, a guarantee that will protect you in the vast majority of situations

Among these benefits, sellers benefit from :

1. Building inspection by a qualified technologist :

The technologist examines about twelve key items.

If certain items are not improved, these might be identified during the future buyers’ own inspection and will need to be disclosed.

2. Sale process with an unparalleled and distinctive advantage

  • Are you selling your property and would like to maximize your incoming amount and sell quicker?
  • GUARANTEE is a powerful word that makes anyone feel safer when buying something. Your agent will promote this feature to attract potential buyers.
  • To further encourage buyers to choose your property, promotional copy will be added to your listing, along with a special logo in the detailed online listing.

3. Prompt, no-cost reconciliation service should your buyers file a claim.

4. A discount of up to $35,000 on your financial obligationsréduction.

Complete your transaction without worrying about the consequences of any hidden defect claims.

Integri-T is a guarantee that gives peace of mind to both sellers and buyers should any hidden defect be discovered.

Oftentimes, owners that never noticed any defects on their property, even after living there for years, have had to address claims from buyers who complained about such defects.

Situations where the Integri-T Guarantee Plan pays off.

  • Your property shows signs of wear and tear that could scare off potential buyers.
  • You’re looking for a way to have your property stand out from others.
  • You’re worried about dealing or would not be able to deal with eventual legal action for hidden defects.
  • You’re considering selling your property without any legal guarantee. A study conducted by JLR Real Estate in 2015 revealed that selling without a legal guarantee generates the seller 8% less revenue. This means $16,000 less for a $200,000 building. That’s a high price to pay to abstain from protection against legal action. The Integri-T Guarantee will help you worry less at a far lower price.

Marc’s story

Claudia and Eric took possession of their new home eight months ago. The promise to purchase they submitted to Marc had been verified by their chosen inspector.

However, when modifying a room last week, Claudia and Eric opened a wall and noticed the presence of mold. They hired a contractor to assess the situation and were told that correcting this issue would cost over $38,000.

The initial inspector explained that without any outward sign, he didn’t need to open up walls or dig around the foundation, and that he did his job properly. Claudia and Eric are worried about paying such a sum without the possibility of a refund, and potentially pursuing legal action.

Thankfully, in order to avoid the risks and consequences of any legal action, Marc had followed the advice of his RE/MAX agent and subscribed to the Integri-T Building Quality Guarantee Plan.

Both buyers and sellers won’t have to go to court. The Integri-T Guarantee means all repair costs are covered. Integri-T will quickly commission a technologist specialized in reconciliation to assess the defect and implement an action plan to correct it.

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