The Integri-T Guarantee Plan is like a seal of quality on a building

A protection without equal

Most hidden defects are discovered during the first year after purchase. Should such a defect be found in the property in that period, the buyer could claim repair costs up to $40,000.

In the case of major hidden defects, the coverage period extends from one (1) year to three (3) years.

The concerned parties benefit from a $40,000 coverage and buyers don’t have to worry about paying any fees related to the guarantee plan.

Should a defect be discovered, the claims process is taken care of:

  • A technologist will handle the reconciliation process to help the concerned parties avoid legal action, or paying legal costs and expert fees.
  • You’ll thereby avoid finding yourself engaged in legal action without a favourable outcome.
  • Should any repairs be needed, they will be coordinated and made by accredited specialists.

Notice to buyers: The inspection to confirm eligibility conducted by the Integri-T Guarantee Plan’s technologist doesn’t replace an inspection conducted by a building inspector, as it is not the same process. As a result, we strongly recommend that you have your entire property checked by an independent building inspector of your choice, who complies with all standards of practice and carries professional liability insurance against faults, errors and omissions.

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