*If "Google Earth" is already installed on your computer, go to "Step 2".

What is Google Earth?

It’s a software program that transforms your computer into a virtual globe. A few clicks will take you anywhere you want to explore. In big cities you can even get close enough to see individual homes.

What kind of computer do I need?

Here’s what Google recommends:

Minimum configuration:

Windows 2000, Windows XP
Intel® Pentium® PIII 500 MHz
128 M RAM
200 M free space on your hard drive
16 M 3D graphics card
1024x768 capable screen

Recommended configuration:

Windows XP
Intel® Pentium® P4 2.4GHz+ or AMD 2400xp+
512 M RAM
2 G free space on your hard drive
32 M 3D graphics card
1024x768 capable screen

What type of internet connection do I need?

You need a high-speed connection.

If your computer and internet connection are powerful enough, just click here to download and install Google Earth.


IMPORTANT : Before clicking on the button "Get on board", verify that "Google Earth" is installed on your computer and that it works properly.

If you experience difficulties, please communicate with us at explorateur@remax-quebec.com.

There! Google Earth is installed: Now what do I do?

Click here.

Windows will ask you whether you want to "open" or "save" the file. Choose "open" to start "Google Earth" (if it isn’t already running). The link for viewing properties is called "remax-quebec.com" and you’ll find it in the "Places" section at the left of the screen. Just check the box next to the link.

You’ll notice that if you’re far away, the RE/MAX signs show administrative regions. When you get closer, you’ll see city names. Finally, when you get close to the ground, you’ll see signs for individual properties for sale or rent in the sector shown on the screen.

Have fun exploring!

Does the RE/MAX sign always show the right house?

For now the technology doesn’t allow us to guarantee that the sign is on the right property but we’re working to improve the precision of the display.

Are all the properties for sale shown on Google Earth?

Only single-family dwellings are shown on Google Earth right now. Other categories will soon be added.

In the sector I’m researching I can’t see the houses clearly. Why not?

At present, most major metropolitan areas are displayed in high resolution, along with a few more remote areas. Google is continually improving its photographic coverage.

My sector seems to be in high resolution, but it’s covered in clouds!

Sometimes when the photo is being taken, the area is partly covered in clouds.

When will my sector be displayed in high resolution and/or without cloud cover?

Google is continually improving its high-resolution photographic coverage but we can’t say exactly when a region will be shown in high resolution or without cloud cover.

During the following weeks, we will be adding new information in this section.