Les Immeubles Margo La Salle inc. was founded in Drummondville by Margo La Salle on June 19th, 1970. She was the first female real estate agent in Quebec.

In December of 1982, Denis Laplante became President. Agent and Broker under the RE/MAX banner, creating RE/MAX LA SALLE.

In June 1997, Pierre Bellavance took over the company and became the new President of RE/MAX LA SALLE.

Today, RE/MAX LA SALLE, is still the leading real estate agency in the Drummondville area. It is composed of experienced agents who have proven their professionalism, their availability and their loyalty in making RE/MAX LASALLE's reputation.

The RE/MAX LA SALLE team invites you to visit our new Internet site. We hope it will bring you pleasure and maybe one of your dreams come true.

Come and meet us at 1425, St-Joseph Blvd. in Drummondville, exit 177 off Autoroute 20, at the crossroads of St-Pierre street and St-Joseph boulevard. A competent agent will be able to inform you adequately. If you need further information, you can reach us by telephone at (819) 477-5444, or by fax at (819) 477-0510.


1215 boul. St-Joseph
Drummondville, Québec, J2C 2C8

Ofc. : 819-477-5444,
Fax : 819 477-0510

Open hours

Our business hours are:
Monday to Friday: 9:00 am à 5:00 pm
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Closed
After hours and on weekends, an efficient and reliable telephone answering system takes your message and forwards it to the right person.

546 Rue Paquin,<br/>Drummondville
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1231 Route 143,<br/>L'Avenir
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683 Rue Blanchard,<br/>Wickham
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1 Rue de la Charbonnière,<br/>Drummondville (Saint-Nicéphore)
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2183 Ch. Larocque,<br/>Saint-Hugues
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584 Rue Surprenant,<br/>Drummondville
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570 Rue du Cardinal,<br/>Drummondville (Saint-Charles-de-Drummond)
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110 Mtée de l'Éden,<br/>Drummondville (Saint-Charles-de-Drummond)
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2740 Rue Bessette,<br/>Drummondville
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2020 Rg de la Rivière,<br/>Notre-Dame-du-Bon-Conseil - Village